Desjardins Structured Products receive distinctions

Innovation and a client-centric approach - a winning formula!

Desjardins Structured Notes receive recognition from MTN-i and Structured Retail Products Ltd.

These sought-after prizes recognize industry leaders in structured products.



Desjardins Principal Protected Notes were awarded the Opening Avenues of Diversification prize in the Investor Solutions category by MTN-i Americas at the 14th MTN-i Americas Structured Note AwardsFootnote 1.

This recognition underscores the place Desjardins Structured Notes has carved out for itself by offering investors greater international equity exposure in a principal protected instrument. A differentiated approach that remains at the heart of our product offering.

Structured Retail Products (SRP)

Desjardins was awarded Best House, Canada at the 9th Structured Retail Products, Americas conferenceFootnote 2.

This prestigious prize is awarded to the financial institution that excels in terms of its ability to innovate and structure products, understand client needs, generate sales and provide post-sales support and competitive pricing.

Our capital protected products continue to make a name for themselves and receive international recognition year after year.


Structured Retail Products (SRP)

Our Optimal Start Principal protected products, offered as Desjardins Structured Notes, picked up the coveted Deal of the Year 2019, Americas award at the 8th annual Structured Retail Products (SRP) Americas Conference in ChicagoFootnote 3.

These notes allow us to take advantage of market downturns and rebounds.

Desjardins also received the 2019 Best Capital Protected Distributor, Americas and the 2019 Best Distributor, Canada awards at the SRP Americas Conference.

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MTN-i is a real-time news, data and analytics platform providing global private debt market coverage, focussed on MTNs (Medium Term Notes), private investments, and structured notes based in the U.K. It has been analyzing and recognizing MTN market performance with MTN Awards since 2003, before launching Americas and Asia Pacific Awards in 2010. All notes and activity must be from 12 months prior to the date of submission to be valid. Among the different categories, the Investor Solutions category relates to notes or series of notes that addressed investor needs in a ground-breaking way, whether the biggest deals of the year or smaller transactions that seeded new trends. The diversification of exposures is a trend that has transcended the pre- and post-coronavirus eras as investors have accelerated their search for new structures and underlying. Desjardins is one of four recipients in the Opening Avenues of Diversification, Investor Solutions category (capital guaranteed international equity exposure Notes), for having brought greater international equity exposure to its market.

An investment in principal protected notes may not be suitable for all investors. Important information about principal protected notes is contained in the Information Statement and the Oral Disclosure Document of each note. Investors are strongly encouraged to attentively read the documentation related to a note issuance before investing and to discuss the suitability of an investment in the notes with their investment advisor or dealer representative before taking a decision. The documentation related to each note issuance is available on the summary page of that issuance. The offer and sale of notes may be prohibited or restricted by laws in certain jurisdictions in Canada and notes are not offered for sale outside Canada. Notes may only be purchased in the jurisdictions where they may be lawfully offered for sale and only through individuals duly registered and authorized to sell them. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The return on principal protected notes is dependent on the change (which may be positive or negative) in value of the underlying assets during the term of the note and it is possible that there may be no interest payable to the investor. Return on a note cannot be established before maturity. Some notes may be subject to caps, participation rates and other limits which feed through to performance. The full principal amount of a principal protected note will be repaid at maturity only. An investment in notes is subject to certain risk factors. Please read the Information Statement and Oral Disclosure Document for complete details, including the precise formula for determining return on a note.