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The institutional market is often a leading indicator of trends in the retail market. Moreover, retail investors are also increasingly aware of sustainable development issues, and most are ready to invest a portion of their portfolios in RIfootnote 1 .

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  • 73% of investors want their advisors to discuss RI.footnote 1
  • 31% of investors have discussed RI with their advisor.footnote 1
  • Responsible investment (RI) assets under management in Canada represent $2.9 TRILLION.footnote 2
  • RI mutual funds and ETFs have experienced a 330% growth in assets under management between 2017 and 2022, more than 10 times that of the overall industry.footnote3
  • 195 countries and territories have signed the Paris Agreement on climate change.footnote 4
  • 84% of investors said they are as likely or more likely to choose RI than they were a year ago.footnote 1

Responsible investing that also aims to deliver competitive potential returns

RI solutions offer your clients the opportunity to seize the growth potential of high-quality companies that are leading the way in the transition to a more sustainable economy. Furthermore, they can position you as the trusted advisor with cutting-edge yet disciplined strategies for tomorrow’s markets. The following data show that RI/ESG strategies can generate potential returns that are on par with or better than traditional investments.footnote 5

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    • +1000 studies

    An analysis of more than 1,000 studies published between 2015 and 2020 concluded that for the majority of them, the performance of RI was equal to or better than the performance of traditional investment.footnote 6

RI: promote your growth in your practice

Millennials, women and university-educated individuals are among the many high-potential market segments for RI. The market is experiencing significant growth in specific regions in Canada as well, notably Quebec and British Columbia.


Millennials are the biggest segment of Canada’s working population.footnote 7

80% of respondents aged 18-34 strongly or somewhat agreed they would like to be informed about RI.footnote 1


An estimated $900 billion will be inherited by Canadian women by 2026.footnote 8

span class="emphasis">76% of women are interested in RI.footnote 1

69% feel a sense of urgency to invest responsibly.footnote 19

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